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Accreditation Standard 2.L2

  • 1.  Accreditation Standard 2.L2

    Posted 10 days ago
    Children have chances to learn specific details about the actual community in which they live.

    Looking for examples of how this can be document and met

    Lisa Schultz
    First Up

  • 2.  RE: Accreditation Standard 2.L2

    Posted 10 days ago
    Children have chances to learn specific details about the actual community in which they live...

    I would integrate books into the library that talk about things that make the committee special.  Like living at the beach I would add books about the beach, or maybe there's a lighthouse and they could make an art picture of the lighthouse. Finding landmarks and popular places helps to define what to teach about.  The environment needs to include a specific learning area.
    The playhouse, the dress-up area can be built up to include more toys and materials to create more fun learning.  Playhouse is the central focus for dramatic and social playtime.
    thank you

    Melanie Smith
    The Preschool Doctor

  • 3.  RE: Accreditation Standard 2.L2

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hi Lisa:

    Here are some things you can consider:
    • Ask families where they tend to spend their time together as a family.  That can help you know what their "community" is.  It would end up including places like: parks, ball fields, shopping locations, houses of worship, etc.
    • Take photos of those places (or you might be able to gather them from the internet) and use those photos to:
      • make a matching game
      • tape onto the wooden unit blocks to create a town
      • make a class made book:  on one side of the page is the photo, on the other side of the facing page and children's quotes about their experiences there
      • create a photo display of places all around your town.  Also, consider that in some places, your sense of community can be broad.  Children may travel 20 minutes to get to something so while it may not be in their town/community, they view it as their community in a more regional sense
      • have meaningful conversations with children about those places where you ask both closed and open questions ("What does your family buy at Target?"  "If you could make that playground even better, how would you change it?"  If you have the technology ability, when children are talking about places, use an ipad to bring up images from the place's website to show to children to help them understand what is being discussed
      • Have guest speakers from the community come talk to the children (or have them zoom in) about what takes place there at their store, restaurant, park, nursing home, etc.

      Hope this helps spark more ideas for you!


      Kristen Kennen
      Early Childhood Education Specialist
      Danbury, CT

    • 4.  RE: Accreditation Standard 2.L2

      Posted 10 days ago
      This one is pretty easy and fun. May take some prep work. Reach out to local businesses for help. We recreated our own Dollar General store and a Pizza Ranch for our children to play in and interpret their experiences  going to these places in our town. They LOVED it.
      Visit your local library, post office, a grocery store, etc. and take photos.  We have a county naturalist who comes to speak about many topics dealing with nature around our town - animals, plants, trees, hibernation, birds, etc. Make a map of your town - note where each student lives or mark where the places are they patronize in their town, Add grocery ads to your house area from local stores. Place business ads in your art area. Sop many ways to bring your community into the classroom and dranatic play.

      Sue Miller
      team leader
      Child Development Center
      Remsen IA