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Call to Action - Racial Justice in Early Mathematics

  • 1.  Call to Action - Racial Justice in Early Mathematics

    Posted 07-21-2021 07:25 PM

    Dear Colleagues,

    Societal events over the last two years have shed even more light on how racial oppression continues to exist in all areas of life. As early childhood educators, we must make explicit efforts to address long-standing racial injustices in our field. To provide a forum for acting together, for the past year, the Racial Justice in Early Mathematics Working Group has been drafting the attached Call to Action. Our goal is to achieve 1000 signatures of commitment to the Call by October of this year.

    We ask you to consider the following:

    • Please review the Call, and use the form to sign, indicating your commitment.
    • Please forward this email to others who may wish to sign.
    • Plan to attend Erikson Institute's Promising Math series in the spring of 2022, which will build on and extend the movement for racial justice in early mathematics.

    Thanks for considering, and be well!

    = Early Math Interest Forum facilitators
    Lisa Ginet, Alissa Lange, Ashley Lewis Presser, Kristen Reed & Lauren Solarski


    Read and Sign the Full Call to Action


    Lisa Ginet
    Director, Early Math Collaborative
    Erikson Institute
    Oak Park IL