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Research Survey Participation Request

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    Posted 23 days ago

    NAEYC supports research efforts and other initiatives from individuals and outside organizations that advance the early childhood profession and the young children it serves.  Hello's Code of Conduct requires that individuals who want to use Hello to disseminate surveys or recruit research/interview subjects need to have these requests approved by NAEYC. These requests should be submitted through this form and will be considered by NAEYC on a case-by-case basis. If approved, NAEYC will disseminate the research request or informational report through an appropriate NAEYC channel, which might include a NAEYC newsletter, HELLO or an interest forum. Following is an approved request.


    The purpose of my survey is to investigate whether early childhood teachers' own perceptions of their emotional well-being is related to their different modes of instruction. I hope to recruit 100-150 participants who have taught using remote instruction in order to add more information to the current research being completed on teacher outcomes linked to COVID-19. This research is part of my M.A. course work at Kean University and will be shared once completed with any interested parties. My contact information is Jenny Otero at and the survey link is provided here:

    Mary Samour
    Online Community Manager
    National Association for the Education of Young Children