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  • 1.  Participants Sought for Preschool Teacher Study

    Posted 10-11-2021 07:53 AM

    NAEYC supports research efforts and other initiatives from individuals and outside organizations that advance the early childhood profession and the young children it serves.  Hello's Code of Conduct requires that individuals who want to use Hello to disseminate surveys or recruit research/interview subjects need to have these requests approved by NAEYC. These requests should be submitted through this form and will be considered by NAEYC on a case-by-case basis. If approved, NAEYC will disseminate the research request or informational report through an appropriate NAEYC channel, which might include a NAEYC newsletter, HELLO or an interest forum. Following is an approved request. 

    Hello Preschool Teachers, 

    My name is Melanie Smith, and I am a doctoral student at the University of Phoenix. My dissertation is called "A Case Study of Preschool Directors' Best Practices for Teacher Retention."  I am recruiting additional participants for my study. I am conducting short (5 minute) interviews with preschool teachers about three areas: teacher recognition, training in the classroom, and having a social relationship at the preschool. If you are interested in participating, please click on this linkI appreciate participation so that I can graduate and so that people can read about what preschool teachers want to continue teaching in preschool. You can reach me at 


    Thank you for your continued support. 

    Sincerely, Melanie Smith

    Mary Samour
    Online Community Manager
    National Association for the Education of Young Children

  • 2.  RE: Participants Sought for Preschool Teacher Study

    Posted 10-12-2021 08:29 AM

    Hi there!
    Is Melanie looking for  preschool teachers, directors, or both to participate in this study?


    Hannah Leslie
    Special Programs Coordinator
    LE3 Inc
    Williamsville NY

  • 3.  RE: Participants Sought for Preschool Teacher Study

    Posted 10-13-2021 05:58 AM
    Hello Hannah,
    Thank you for the question. The study interviewed preschool directors to find out their "best practices", what they do, in three areas of teacher retention. Preschool teachers from previous studies said they wanted directors to do things in three areas: preschool teacher recognition, training in the classroom, and social support (having a personal relationship with the director). This study found what directors do and now I am interviewing preschool teachers to see what they think about what the directors said. I need more preschool teachers to be interviewed, anyone who has worked as a preschool teacher can take the survey which asks for your personal email so I can send a link to the calendar so you can choose a day and time for the interview.

    The average time is four minutes to complete the interview, but you can take as long as needed.
    Thank you

    Melanie Smith
    The Preschool Doctor