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Trouble Receiving CARES ACT Childcare Funds

  • 1.  Trouble Receiving CARES ACT Childcare Funds

    Posted 11 days ago
    I'm writing to find out if any other centers, located in other states, are having difficulty accessing the CARES ACT funds that were specifically set aside to support childcare programs.

    In Texas, the Federal Funds from the CARES ACT were sent to our Texas Workforce Commission and then those funds were distributed to our Workforce Boards to use to beef up the Childcare Subsidy Program.  However, childcare providers that do not participate in the Subsidy Program have not seen a dime of these funds.  There is not system in place with Texas Workforce Commission to issue those funds to non-subsidized providers.  Also if you were a subsidized provider, but you had low enrollments of subsidized students back in March, then you are seeing a much smaller portion of the enhancements put into the program by the Workforce Boards.

    The Centers that do not participate in the subsidy program are having to close but because they cant the federal assistance they need other than the PPP loans which were a one time gig.

    My concern is that if more money is allocated for ChildCare Support in the next funding Bill, the money will still not get to the centers that need it.
    Is anyone else experiencing this in their State and if so, was there any resolution to helping the other providers.

    My question to our NAEYC reps is, has anyone made the legislators aware that this is happening so they can also be working on a solution to this problem or is this an issue that is only present in Texas?

    Tim Kaminski
    Gingerbread Kids Academy
    Richmond TX

  • 2.  RE: Trouble Receiving CARES ACT Childcare Funds

    Posted 9 days ago
    I am a Director at a church based Preschool in Texas and am also watching this closely. Cares Act funding should be available to all child care and not just to those who can afford to allow subsidies.
    Colleen Engel

    Colleen Engel
    Holy Comforter Lutheran Church and School
    Kingwood TX

  • 3.  RE: Trouble Receiving CARES ACT Childcare Funds

    Posted 2 days ago
    Florida is the same way.  Most of all funds are going to programs with subsidy and if you have low ratios of subsidized care you are not getting nearly the amount of support as the preschools that have night enrollment if not 100% subsidized childcare.

    Another concern I had was the amount of money set aside for Head Start Programs which are already almost fully funded by the government, so why are these programs getting large bulks of the money while private providers are going under.

    Amanda Flowers
    Operations Manager
    Best Friends for Kidz
    Brandon FL