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classroom portfolios

  • 1.  classroom portfolios

    Posted 30 days ago

    Our school is in the process of being NAEYC accredited.  I have a question about the NAEYC portfolios.  Do you know of a web based company that allows programs to create their classroom and program portfolio?  In the past we used School Chapter, but it seems that they are no longer in business.  Any recommendations?

    Thank you,


    Nichole Londono
    Miami FL

  • 2.  RE: classroom portfolios

    Posted 29 days ago
    Good morning Nichole,
    As far as I know, School Chapters was sold to Houghton Mifflin, who later discontinued the product.  I am not aware of any web-based portfolio products currently available.  I am an AFP facilitator, and have seen a variety of digital portfolios.  I've seen Poiwer Point, Word (folders for each standard), Google slides, etc.

    Carole Glenn
    Director, Young Children & Families Dept.
    Old Lyme, CT

  • 3.  RE: classroom portfolios

    Posted 29 days ago
    Good morning,

    I created a google document that was based off of this sample that was emailed from Katriina Bell (email posted below.)

    The one I used worked really well when creating the portfolio and was not hard for teachers to use either.  I do not know the sender of the email (Katriina Bell) - just thought the idea was worthwhile.  At the time, I was able to create my own google doc and it worked well.  The creation of the document was time consuming, so if I had not had the time, I would have purchased.

    Thanks and good luck!!

    Digital Portfolios for Accreditation - I'm still here!

    You might be wondering whether digital portfolios will be better for your center's needs, and for just about every center the answer will be a resounding YES. With increasingly more work being done remotely, digital portfolios will help you stay on track for your accreditation timeline and allow you more flexibility as you work. Digital portfolios have a number of benefits:

    • Accessible – you can work on your evidence anytime and anywhere you want. Even when you don't have your laptop, if you back it up online you will always be able to access it through Google Drive or another provider.
    • Efficient – organizing physical portfolios into folders takes a lot of time, effort, and (let's be honest) papercuts. You can cut out half the time required to complete your evidence just by committing to going digital.
    • Organized – you know when you want to find a particular standard and you have to hunt for it in binders or boxes? With digital portfolios, you can locate a standard with the click of a button.
    • Professional – the uniform layout of the templates is very professional and easy to read.
    • But what about data loss? Your laptop bluescreens, and poof! Your data is gone. We've all been through it. But that should not be a concern as long as you use a program like Google Backup and Sync or Dropbox. Even if you are editing online, these programs back up your portfolios online so that in the event of a crash, your up-to-date portfolios will be safe and sound.
    • But I prefer to have hard copies of my portfolios… No problem! With digital templates, you can have your finished product in any format you prefer. You can convert it to eBook format (PDF), or you could print out your beautifully laid out pages and put them in binders. You are not restricted to any particular format.  


    Disclaimer: I am not employed by NAEYC; therefore, any questions about how to fulfill required accreditation standards must be directed to NAEYC quality assurance or a NAEYC representative. 
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    Lisa Frasure
    Ohio University Child Development Center
    Athens OH