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"Toddlers Chocking" eating time

  • 1.  "Toddlers Chocking" eating time

    Posted 01-18-2021 05:12 PM
    Something  happened  wrong  when Infant  teacher come for help in toddlers  classroom.
    Morning snack time child reaction, I don't  want  milk in my cereal can you give me new one. New teacher avoid  child word  and continue  her work. Child cry little bit and start eating within a second  he arguing  with another child and chocked up badly. New teacher pet his back and put hèr finger in child mouth  without  gloves and says  I don't  have  exciprence toddlers I'm  a Infant teacher.
    * Use common sense. 
    * Listen child  word carefully. 
    * Whatever child like appreciate.
    * Don't share same table  for eating her snack. 
    * Wear the hand gloves  faster then put finger 
       in child mouth.

    Children safety  is our first priority.

  • 2.  RE: "Toddlers Chocking" eating time

    Posted 01-20-2021 09:15 AM
    I imagine that the teacher was scared when this happened and skipped the glove part in her hurry to help.  It does seem like something that could have been avoided.  I wonder why the toddlers didn't have an adult at or near the table with them.  I agree that teachers need to listen to children about what foods they like and don't like--and about everything else. I like how you put it--that we need to appreciate what the child likes and wants. I also wonder if teachers can get more training and coaching in different ages and stages, and how to support children no matter what age they are.  For example--even infants need to be listened to--they don't talk but they do communicate.

    Aren Stone
    Child Development Specialist
    The Early Years Project
    Cambridge, MA

  • 3.  RE: "Toddlers Chocking" eating time

    Posted 01-21-2021 07:49 AM
    This must have been frightening for everyone in the room. I agree with Aren's observations. Children's safety is indeed a priority- In our state, all staff members must be CPR and first aid trained and certified. It was somewhat alarming to hear she stuck her fingers in the child's mouth- while it might have been instinct, it was wrong. The child should have been treated with Heimlich or back/front thrusts to remove or dislodge the food.  I am grateful to hear the child was okay but your program should consider training so this doesn't happen again.  You can train online and follow up with a skills test to get certified. But taking the online American Heart Class would definitely be a good start. Pam
    Pamela McCullough
    Holland PA