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Join us to discuss "Reflecting on Anti-Bias Education in Action"

  • 1.  Join us to discuss "Reflecting on Anti-Bias Education in Action"

    Posted 09-15-2021 12:23 PM

    Dear Colleagues,

    Want to connect with other people who are passionate about anti-bias education?

    Need a moment to reflect on your own anti-bias practice?

    Want to hear ideas what others are doing in their own programs?  


    A group of us have planned a video discussion group based on the video "Reflecting on Anti Bias Education in Action" video [].  We plan to meet 4 times, watching a quarter segment of the video each time and then discussing it.  


    In the Zoom meetings we will begin as a whole group, watch a portion of the film, and then meet in small groups; the same small group of people in each of the 4 meetings, but allowing for newcomers to join in if they miss a meeting.


    We will use the Viewer Guide's prompts/questions to support our reflection-some will be sent in email to participants ahead of time.


    You are welcome even if you have already viewed the video, or if you are only able to join in some of the meetings.

    Thursday Evenings 5-6:30 PST, 6-7:30 MST, 7-8:30 CST, 8-9:30 EST 

    Sept. 23, 

    Oct. 7, 

    Oct. 21 and

    Nov. 4


    Use this link to sign up and tell us a little more about yourself.  The information will help us set up small groups.  



    We want to remind ourselves that conversations about anti-bias education take time, over time. Anti-bias work is self-work. Discomfort is expected and welcome for growth. 


    The teachers in the film are experienced and have the support of their administrators. Some of the hard parts of the teaching have not been included in the video.


    Look for further emails to describe your interests for discussion. We'll do our best to group people according to interests and perhaps age of student.


    [Meg] [Thomas]
    [Early childhood consultant
    Co-facilitator for Diversity and Equity Interest Forum
    [St Paul ] [MN]