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The One Gift to Open Every Day - A Book!

  • 1.  The One Gift to Open Every Day - A Book!

    Posted 11-29-2018 01:47 PM

    Books: The Ever-giving Gifts

    In the past week, thanks to TV and radio commercials, the chilly weather and knowing that this week includes "Giving Tuesday," I have been gently prodded into thinking about what gifts I might give for the upcoming holidays.

    A Bookstore crowded with great choicesOf course, my favorite gifts to give are books. Virtually every book could make a terrific gift for somebody, so the makes every visit to a brick and mortar bookstore visit or an online bookseller's website a wonderful opportunity to play matchmaker. Yet choosing books for others, much like choosing a partner for someone else, can be a risky business.

    I recently read that soon there will be 150 million book titles available around the world from which to choose at any given time. That's a big number and likely means we'll never run out of book choices. It also means the matchmaking process as it relates to gifting books will become more lengthy and complicated.

    Being a lifelong teacher, the same considerations I make for determining what lessons kids might respond to at a particular time go into choosing a particular book for them. I try envisioning the influence of books, predicting the recipients' enjoyment and thinking how the book's content might fit into in their conversations.

    In hopes of finding some tips beyond my own experience, I searched the Internet for "Choosing a gift book" and found some nice coaching on this matter. Most of it focused on knowing the recipients and their personal tastes in general, and their book preferences in particular. Basically, if we can find out the last good book someone has read, we're halfway there.

    Young Child selecting a book from a crowded shelfThere also is reliable expertise available in classrooms, libraries and bookstores. Those who know their way around books are likely to be expert in all matters related to books, particularly for their own areas of interest or people they know. If such an informant knows a person on my list, they are my first stop when trying to zero in on a gift book for our shared acquaintance.

    But sadly, some folks really don't ever want to read a book. That's good to know for gift giving, too, because it offers an opportunity to give them a very carefully well-chosen book-one the is about a topic they like and is at a level they're ready for-that might spark their interest in reading. What a gift that would be!

    So this holiday season, remember that a book is a gift the receiver can open again and again. Give generously.

    Mark Condon
    Vice President
    Unite for Literacy
    Louisville KY

  • 2.  RE: The One Gift to Open Every Day - A Book!

    Posted 12-01-2018 11:59 AM
    This is a very interesting and thought provoking article. As a teacher, choosing books to read each day with children if viewed from the point of it being a gift (and children are always excited about gifts), we will choose books that will develop and sustain their love for books. I am looking at the topic from the point of view of reading books being a gift rather than giving books as a gift. Read books about children's current interests, about the season, read with interest, read with animation, making reading interactive and fun. Once children develop love for books, when they receive books as gifts, they will love them.

    Adeola Sanya-Adewusi
    Lead teacher
    Little Hearts Learning Center
    Avenel NJ