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Ideas to Help Education Staff Plan for Virtual Learning

  • 1.  Ideas to Help Education Staff Plan for Virtual Learning

    Posted 16 days ago
    "Education staff can use this tip sheet to learn strategies for making virtual learning effective for children and families during times of physical distancing."

    Jorge Saenz De Viteri
    Pomona NY

  • 2.  RE: Ideas to Help Education Staff Plan for Virtual Learning

    Posted 14 days ago
    Hi Jorge,

    Thank you for this helpful resource! I would also like to counter the opinion that states children 2 through 5 years should receive one virtual meeting a day. I can understand the younger students receiving one meeting a day since they wouldn't want to be online for too long. However, I've been in contact with our Pre-K families throughout these last few months and some have stated that they wanted their children to have more meetings throughout the day because they are lacking in social-emotional development. Instead of having the students work on activities by themselves or with a sibling or parent at home, parents would like the cameras to stay on so the children can interact with their peers and teachers during their at home activities.

    We normally had 2 meetings for the day (morning and afternoon), but we threw in a meeting in the middle of the day so the children had more time to share and socialize. The meetings are about 20 to 30 minutes which is also what concerned parents because students only had short periods of time to interact with their friends and teachers. It really put into perspective that these students were not getting the same attention and socialization as they would for 6hrs and 20 minutes if they were in school.

    I'd love to hear from other teachers and administrators about their remote learning schedules for early childhood and their experiences from this year!


    Brianna Lombardo
    Assistant Director
    Little Hands and Feet Day Care LLC
    Brooklyn, NY