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Quiet Area

  • 1.  Quiet Area

    Posted 26 days ago
    I was a student last year for my education classes that i was taking while I was in college. The first center that I was at for one of my education class only had 14 children, the other center that I was at for  my teaching practicium: preschool class had anywhere between 20-30 children. That classroom was the purple room and was the 3-5 year old classroom. The quiet area was in the back of the classroom near the closet where the teachers put their belongings and toys for the classroom. I noticed that in that classroom the quiet area should have been placed in a different area away from the closet and the shelf where the toy dolls were. Does anyone have any advice on how to set up a good calm down area? and what should be in the calm down area to help the children calm down?

    Cheryl Morris
    Saint Louis MO

  • 2.  RE: Quiet Area

    Posted 22 days ago
    Placement of the quiet area is very important. Some of the ideal places would be near the dramatic play, science or free art. Areas that are typically more on the quiet side. By a door, sink and block area would not be a good choice. Some type of see through divider is a nice way to define the space, a small rug works well too if you don't have a divider. Pillows or soft furniture creates a calming environment.  I hope this is helpful.

    Janice Zorn
    Minister of Tuition Ministries
    St Andrew's Preschool
    Newport Beach CA