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TV Spot on Universal PreK-Nashville Area AEYC

  • 1.  TV Spot on Universal PreK-Nashville Area AEYC

    Posted 05-17-2021 10:01 AM


    Nashville is proud to share this TV news story on Universal PreK legislation. The story was featured on Nashville's Channel 5 News and an interview with Melanie Shinbaum, NAAEYC President-Elect. The news story was also picked up by The Tennessean newspaper. Universal PreK TV News Story-Nashville

    Thank you Melanie for adding your voice to this important issue and representing early childhood educators everywhere!

    Cheryl Dillingham
    Office Administrator
    Nashville, TN

  • 2.  RE: TV Spot on Universal PreK-Nashville Area AEYC

    Posted 05-29-2021 02:21 PM
    Thanks for sharing this. The article brings recognition to the needs of the community for more preschool.

    The problem is no one knows how that works for a child, and what does that business look like.

    I think that universal tuition would work better.

    Just like college tuition, you get to pick what preschool you want your child to attend. Like perhaps a private preschool as opposed to a large government program for everyone.
    Sincerely Melanie

    Melanie Smith
    The Preschool Doctor

  • 3.  RE: TV Spot on Universal PreK-Nashville Area AEYC

    Posted 06-18-2021 11:10 AM
    Thank you Cheryl, I watched the spot you forwarded.  It did not include how UPK will be delivered in Nashville.  In California our state's AEYC has tried to advocate for a mixed delivery approach so 3 and 4 year olds can be in developmentally appropriate settings, for the length of day their families need, and so that preschool providers other than local school districts will have access to the funding.  Our current Assembly Bill (AB22) has been met with opposition from more than one direction, and its proponents also differ ideologically, making the debate ever more complicated.  Even if our neighborhood public schools could logistically accommodate all 3 and 4 year olds, it would not solve the (in my view) core problem of preschool as it exists now: that it is the U.S.'s most highly segregated (by class and race) level of schooling through 12th grade.  My point in writing this reply today is to bring light to the trouble on the horizon if we don't engage in policy - at the table - when UPK is being crafted.

    Laila Taslimi
    Untitled No. 1
    Santa Monica CA