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Re-opening of Our Center

  • 1.  Re-opening of Our Center

    Posted 12-02-2020 09:17 PM
    Our Center will be re-opening in January.  We are needing some tips or idea's on what to do.  Things like what to leave in and take out of centers.  I have heard no cloth type stuff in dramatic play, less children at a table.  Individual playdough as opposed to playdough in a lump to pull from.  Does anyone have any things that they have done, or are there any sites to go to for this type of stuff.  Any help greatly appreciated. I thank all in advance.
    Ina :)

    ina Aparicio
    Child Development Specialist
    Saddleback College Child Development Center
    Laguna Hills CA

  • 2.  RE: Re-opening of Our Center

    Posted 12-04-2020 09:23 PM
    We did individual boxes with crayons,pencils, and markers if you use those. Individual sand or water tubs. Individual trays for small group projects. Just a few ideas.

    Joy McVicker
    Battle Creek MI

  • 3.  RE: Re-opening of Our Center

    Posted 12-04-2020 09:34 PM
    (Somewhat long) We have been reopened going on 5 or 6 months now and have a really strong risk management plan to make sure we stay open in any event barring a positive COVID case in each classroom. That way no matter what the trends are we don't have to make changes because we're exercising maximum caution anyway.

    We made a lot of changes. Hourly cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces (we use a bleach/ water solution that we make each morning), parents are no longer allowed into the classrooms (they drop off in the foyer where we screen the children at entry- the screener is also the hourly cleaner) but can sign up for observation times in our booth, children's cots need to be cleaned daily (not weekly) and their blankets kept in individual child's boxes.
    And of course masks. Each child over 2 is recommended and over 3 is required to wear them (we have infants up to kindergarten in 4 classrooms).

    I was most concerned about the children adjusting but they took it all in stride. If you want to ask me any specific questions you're welcome to. I'd be happy to talk you through things we have done.

    Kelsey Saterfield
    Lead Preschool Teacher
    Dolores Dore Eccles Center for Early Care and Education
    Utah State University
    Logan UT