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  • 1.  Policy

    Posted 09-26-2020 07:58 AM
    Good morning,  I am a new Director to an outdoor nature preschool.  I'm looking to write a policy to keep track of everyone.  We have a few wonderers and no barriers.  Two staff are always on duty.  Ideas?

    Jeanine Hoffman
    Assistant Teacher
    Little Acorns Preschool
    Jackson MI

  • 2.  RE: Policy

    Posted 09-28-2020 08:56 AM
    Do you have supervision groups assigned?  Each of our teachers has a specific group of children they are "in charge of" which means they are primarily the adult who knows where they are, keeps track of them in emergency situations and for attendance purposes.  We keep the list posted and also have the staff carry it on a lanyard. We are not a nature playground but we are outside ALOT on over 200+ acres, so I get the concern with wondering...  Believe it or not, this does help. We also stop and check in regularly to be sure we are all there. Good luck

    Pamela McCullough
    Holland PA