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Adult Training in Early Ed

  • 1.  Adult Training in Early Ed

    Posted 14 days ago
    Can someone please explain if training adults in ongoing education is something that varies state to state. For example, I am qualified in Oregon to be a set One Training. However I would like to offer trainings online via zoom. I would like for my trainings to count in a capacity that applies as ongoing education in other states.  But as far as I know every state has different laws and ways of implementing this. Is this correct? If so how do get onto a platform that may be widely known such as care courses or something of the like. Any suggestions that I can glean from would be appreciated. 

    Emily Hill
    Portland OR

  • 2.  RE: Adult Training in Early Ed

    Posted 13 days ago
    You are correct. Just as early learning standards vary state to state, so does professional development. Some states vet trainers with a pre-approval process while others will award PD hours with proof of a training with a certificate. In some states, you must submit your entire course for approval, and in others you don't. Our forest and nature school association leads training all over and we frequently run into this.

    You may want to begin by selecting another state to look into - based on where you think the educators are likely to be from - and work with that state's office of early learning. (The name of this ECE office will also vary by state.) Little by little, you will learn what is needed to satisfy training/trainer requirements in each state.

    Teachers and child care providers need solid, high-quality training options, so it is great that you are trying to award PD hours! Best of luck to you!

    Monica Wiedel-Lubinski
    Executive Director
    Eastern Region Association of Forest and Nature Schools |
    Notchcliff Nature Programs |
    Glen Arm MD