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  • 1.  Needing Career Guidance

    Posted 18 days ago


    Hopefully, this is the correct forum to post this. I'm three years into being an early childhood educator and while I love being in the classroom, I'm looking to go deeper within the early childhood development field. Currently, I'm looking at behavioral coaching or curriculum consulting/advising. I'm posting this to try to get more information about both areas. I've tried looking up information on behavioral coaching, but haven't been able to find much information on it. From what I've learned from speaking with a college advisor my idea of behavioral coaching is like someone who is a consultant who goes from school to school to help teachers with children who have challenging behaviors. Is this an actual career? What education is needed? For curriculum consulting/advising I know this is an actual career and there are positions through the board of education or a head start. I'm currently working on my bachelor's and want to go for my masters. If I go for my masters, is there a specific program that I need to go through? Is there a program that specializes in early childhood curriculum? Or do I just go through a regular early childhood development master's program? I'm a bit lost with how to go forward with my career and my place of employment isn't that helpful, so any help is appreciated!

    Thank you!

    Early Childhood Teacher
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