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  • 1.  Fall 2021 Young Child Issue

    Posted 09-02-2021 01:17 AM

    I just want to say how pleased I am with the Fall 2021 Young Child Issue. I enjoyed all the information on Literacy. I feel that there has not been a real good one like this since the one on Math. Thanks again.

    Sandra Douglass 

  • 2.  RE: Fall 2021 Young Child Issue

    Posted 09-03-2021 09:51 AM
    How do I get on the list to receive the Fall 2021 Young Child Issue as well as others moving forward.
    Thank you,

    Laura Harris
    Triad Batist Christian Academy Preschool
    Kernersville NC

  • 3.  RE: Fall 2021 Young Child Issue

    Posted 09-03-2021 10:13 AM

    Thank you for your inquiry, I have submitted this post to our customer care team who will be in contact with you in regards to receiving Young Children issues.
    We do provide the issue electronically and once you login to your member portal you will have access to the Member Only articles within the issue. The Fall issue can be viewed here:

    We value your membership and apologize for any inconvenience.

    Mary Samour
    Online Community Manager
    National Association for the Education of Young Children

  • 4.  RE: Fall 2021 Young Child Issue

    Posted 09-04-2021 12:19 AM
    Hi Mary,

    I just want to be clear that it is Laura Harris that did not receive the Fall issue and not me and that could be that if you work for an agency or large school system, it is probably in their office. Although, the best way to find it would be to find out who paid for the membership.

    Sandra Douglass

  • 5.  RE: Fall 2021 Young Child Issue

    Posted 09-03-2021 10:00 AM
    Hi Sandra.

    I share your appreciation of the fall literacy issue as a new afterschool and sub in my new school.  I was the lead literacy/art teacher in July with mixed age groups all day with second to sixth graders.  I tried to link large group book readings and open discussions with fun story and informational books.  We acted out the stories trying in my own way to imitate Vivian Paley's work with story acting.  They loved making their own masks of the story characters. We also made houses and cars from recyclables that I had been collected for a few years, after we looked over adult books from my city library on home designs and car models.  We got into electric cars and homes for the handicapped, that I happened to find a book on.  One girl constructed a school for children with special needs from Kleenex boxes, egg carton pieces for desks open to wheelchairs etc.

    I will study the fall issue as I learn to scaffold literacy skills within our hands on work.  Right now, I have books I ordered through interlibrary loan recommended by NAEYC - one on clouds and one on rocks.  I have collected a bag of varied colorful stones from the shore of Lake Champlain near my city here in northwestern Vermont.  We will sort and classify them and then guess how and where they were formed.  I want to learn how to extend children's ideas about science and social studies within my version of Reggio Emilia open investigation.

    I updated myself with a masters in early childhood education online at Champlain College after I completed my father's life with him in the fourteen years after my mother died and he sold his local downtown furniture store where he began after World War II in the Navy in Europe.  Have been working in most schools and many childcares up in this part of the State for the past seven years as I studied.  Now hoping to become a regular primary teacher after I earn trust at my chosen school seven miles north of here near the Canadian Border where the staff is pleasantly acceptant and friendly to me.

    Carolyn Giroux
    AfterSchool/SummerTeacher and Substitute Teacher grades PreK to 6
    Swanton School
    Saint Albans VT