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Getting control back

  • 1.  Getting control back

    Posted 05-18-2021 12:16 PM
    Hello, I teach young threes and lately I've lost all control over them. Circle time is a nightmare and they will flat out ignore me. This is new behavior from them and I've tried changing circle time up and shortening it. Help! We transition to summer camp in June but I will still have this group.Thank you.

    stacey walterman

  • 2.  RE: Getting control back

    Posted 05-18-2021 12:50 PM
    Is this behavior occuring only a circle time.  If it is then I would rethink your circle time.  I know you said you changed things up, but how much.  Are you expecting the children to all come over and sit while you try to engage them in cognitive based interactions like calendar and listening to a book?  Have you considered turning circle time into a large body group experience or a more hands on experience where the children are actively contributing to the experience?  Is this purely a power struggle type situation?  Are you even required to have a formal circle time, our could you take it outside under a tree?  Often especially with the warmer weather children this age just need it to be completely different (although I would argue that for 3's circle time should always be more active participation than not)

    Laura Pearce
    EHS Child Development Specialist
    Maryland Family Network
    Baltimore MD

  • 3.  RE: Getting control back

    Posted 05-19-2021 09:17 AM
    I would do interactive things like musical instruments, and flannel board stories. Ask them to retell the story. Let them put the numbers on the calendar.
    Mary Reed

  • 4.  RE: Getting control back

    Posted 05-19-2021 01:13 AM
    I work with pretoddlers and have also seem to have lost control of group time. What I do is while they are walking off playing I sit and play with them but I also sing group time songs while I play gradually they come back and I have a few that's off in the distance. What I have notice is that if you are the only one doing group time and the other adult in the room is roaming around cleaning, changing children and not engaging, children take notice. An they want to walk around as well encourage staff to help sit and listen and sing helps those children who have a hard time focusing.

    Chiara Love
    Education Technician
    San Antonio TX

  • 5.  RE: Getting control back

    Posted 05-19-2021 09:25 AM
    Hi Stacey,

    You might like to try incorporating Creative Sound Play into the mix.  It's an entirely play-based, tried and true, easy to use codified system that is designed specifically for transitions to help teachers focus and engage their students.  The benefits are that sound activities are done as short learning bursts that help children develop their active listening skills, EF, SEL, mindfulness, empathy, raises self-esteem and more.

    The beauty of engaging kids with pure sound is that there is nothing children love to do more then make sound so getting their attention is super easy and then sound fuses seamlessly and beautifully with any curriculum or subject matter.

    If you want please email me and I can send you more information.

    Hope this helps,

    Hayes Greenfield

    Hayes Greenfield
    Creative Sound Play
    Brooklyn, NY

  • 6.  RE: Getting control back

    Posted 05-19-2021 12:23 PM
    Thank you for all of the advice.

    stacey walterman

  • 7.  RE: Getting control back

    Posted 05-29-2021 02:11 PM
    Hi Stacey
    The two and three classroom has to be designed for their play to function.
    The circle time needs to be short.

    I always have the children Bring a toy from home everyday.
    They get to stand up, say their name, and share, talk about the toy.
    Also the classroom design determines their behavior.

    Melanie Smith
    The Preschool Doctor