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UPK Teacher Qualifications

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    Posted 09-26-2019 10:18 AM

    I'm on the hunt for a certified UPK teacher for one of our programs. In doing some research, I learned that NYC allowed for a plan of study for UPK teachers this year. The applicant had to meet the following requirements:
    minimum of a Bachelor's degree in education or related
     Completion of some early childhood education coursework OR significant experience working in early childhood education
     Developed a 'study plan' that will lead to NY State Early Childhood Certification within 3 years of hire.

    So naturally I began digging for info that may lead me to find a UPK plan of study for all of NY. I had no luck there, but what I did find was the following post on the NYSED website:

    A change in statute in 2008 provided increased flexibility pertaining to the qualifications of teachers in collaborating agencies. UPK teachers employed by an agency that is licensed or registered by a State agency may meet the qualifications of that authority. Teachers employed by an agency that is not required to be licensed or registered may meet the qualifications established by their employers. In both instances, if the UPK teacher is not certified the teacher must have an education plan that will lead to obtaining NYS teacher certification for Birth – Grade 2 within five years. A certified on-site education director is required to be present during the UPK session(s) until all UPK teachers at a collaborating agency site are certified.
    If the eligible agency is unable to provide an on-site certified teacher as the education director, the district may opt to assign a qualified individual to be on-site during the hours of UPK operation and perform this function.

    Long story question is: Have you ever employed a UPK Lead teacher that was NOT yet certified in early childhood education?

    Thank you for reading this long post. I'm hopeful to hear about some of your UPK hiring experiences.

    Lana Diaz
    Recruitment and Advancement
    Doodle Bugs! Children's Learning Academy
    Buffalo NY