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Closures and charging tuition

  • 1.  Closures and charging tuition

    Posted 21 days ago
    I know this was a similar link, and I have seen that in CA tuition can not be charged if a center is closed, unless there is a clause or something in the policy/handbook.

    Does anyone know the rule for MN or a place i could search to find it?

    We have been open during this, and have asked parents who can work from home to please keep their child with them, and are still charging tuition.  Many families have been able to accommodate. Some have not, and we are here for them.

    But if this goes on past next week, we are really going to have to re-evaluate what we plan to do, as we can not keep asking parents to pay while their child is home.  We do have a policy in our handbook about charging reduced tuition if a family is gone for more than 2 weeks and want to hold their spot.  I am considering using this, as we will need our families after this has cleared, just as we will need our staff...

    What is it looking like for you out there?

    Paula Hance
    Zion Early Childhood Center
    Hopkins MN

  • 2.  RE: Closures and charging tuition

    Posted 20 days ago

    We were/are struggling with this now. We closed down Tuesday. It was hard to keep opening with less and less staff (staying home...worried). We asked families who could to stay home too. We have had a few families ask for March's reimbursement of days we closed. To keep the staff we have agreed to pay them our reserves which can give them all 50% of their pay for 8 weeks. I'm unsure if this is enough, we have asked our Parent group to ask the parents to donate or give to keep the teachers wages while we are down. 

    Cassandra Morwood
    Mesa AZ

  • 3.  RE: Closures and charging tuition

    Posted 20 days ago