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computer genrated class choice

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    Posted 02-08-2019 09:07 AM

    I am curious if any other programs have had to deal with entering information for a public school using  computer generated programs to determine placement for children going into Kindergarten. What are your feelings towards this? We are trying desperately to get our public school away from using this method to place students. You can't give an accurate picture of the child because there are no 'gray' or 'in between' areas. Example: Mathematics is rated as above average, average, slightly below, or below average. A child may be great with comparisons, spatial and shape knowledge, may be able to quantify, yet can't seem to count to 10 one to one. Then if you say they are average in math, they really aren't. Then children don't get placed in the proper environment to succeed in Kindergarten. Our program does a child transition form which gives a more detailed account of the child but the school doesn't take these into consideration, just what they put in to the computer program. I would like to know how other programs to this to help with the proper kindergarten placement.

    Sue Miller
    team leader
    Child Development Center
    Hawarden IA