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  • 1.  Fundraiser

    Posted 08-22-2021 12:13 AM
    What are good ideas on fundraising for preschool?

    Kelly Holt
    Friendship Academy
    Daytona Beach FL

  • 2.  RE: Fundraiser

    Posted 08-23-2021 10:25 AM
    Before initiating your fundraising efforts, inform parents that for the next few weeks, or months, your program will be fundraising and what the funds are being raised for.  Ensure them that participation is optional and appreciated.  Do some research and preparation before you begin and choose a responsible and reliable individual to control the orders and money raised.
    1.  Parents love anything that involves their child.  Check with your staff to see if anyone enjoys taking photos and has a nice camera to take pictures.  Create a quality photo backdrop (indoors or outdoors) for fall.  For indoors, create a solid background and bring in pumpkins.  If outdoors, purchase a hay bale or two to add to the props.  Take a couple pictures of each child, develop a 4x6 of the best images at a one-hour photo lab (better quality), attach a label to the back with various prices for each ($3 for 4x6, $6 for 5x7, and so on).  Dollar Tree has a variety of nice photo frames to include with their purchase.  Check Pinterest for some great ideas for backdrops and photo ideas.  If you have the staffing to do so, invite parents to take a family photo.
    2.  Have a "Fall Frolic in the Park" on a weekend morning or afternoon.  Send out invitations to each family in advance.  To RSVP, charge $10 to $20 per family to attend.  Check to see if the park has a covered facility with an option for a fire pit.  Serve S'mores, hot cocoa, popcorn, bottled water or other fall treats.  Have activities available for families to participate in such as providing footballs for a game of catch, long/short jump ropes, outdoor bowling, crafts and other carnival type games.  Take non-posed family pictures, develop and sell them or save them for the children to give as gifts at a later date.
    3.  "Popsicles with Parents" - Each Wednesday or Friday in a specific month, sell popsicles (the colored tubes you throw in the freezer) for $1 that parents can purchase and enjoy with their child.  Make posters to hang and send out a card to each family to notify them of the event.  Take pictures and make a bulletin board to share the fun.
    4.  Pancake feeds are cheap and easy to implement.  Set up adult-sized tables in your lobby or in each classroom.  Decorate the tables and provide disposable plates and tableware.  Purchase pancake mix, syrup, orange juice, milk and pre-cooked sausage links from your food vendor or local grocery store.  Charge $5 per adult and $3 per child - set out a donation jar.  Many times parents will throw in more than what is being charged.  Again, send out invitations so parents can plan ahead to go in late for work.

    To motivate your staff, set a goal, and if reached, provide lunch or an after hours "thank you" social.
    Have fun!!

    Jodi Tole
    Early Childhood Educator
    City of Wichita Child Care Licensing
    Wichita KS

  • 3.  RE: Fundraiser

    Posted 08-23-2021 11:54 AM
    We used to do a large fundraiser every year. My efforts were focused on business sponsors. Most parents are financially stretched thin and don't have a lot more to give after paying for childcare. We would ask local business to donate up to $500 - it is amazing what people will do for kids. Most years we raised $3000-$5000!
    We were specific with our ask and what the monies would be purchasing. As a thank you we would put up large signs with the business logo's, do social media posts and run a "Thank You" ad in the local paper. The business gets advertising, the school gets the money and the parents don't have to feel obligated.

    In addition we always had a "Wants" board in the lobby. Sticky notes would be placed on the board with items a classroom was looking for (markers, magna-tiles, hats for dramatic play). Parents could pull a sticky and purchase the item at will. It was a great way to keep smaller items coming through without having to "ask" parents to purchase.

    Good luck!

    Christina Roseli M.Ed
    Quality Care Coach
    Ventura, CA