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Learning About Early Intervention

  • 1.  Learning About Early Intervention

    Posted 01-29-2019 07:01 AM
    I'm working on a staff/teacher training about Early Intervention and would like your input/feedback. What do you want to know in general about Early Intervention? For example do you know how to read an IFSP? Do you know the approach therapist use? Do you know your role in the treatment? Do you know what to do between visits? Etc

    Shawntay King
    Romeoville IL

  • 2.  RE: Learning About Early Intervention

    Posted 01-30-2019 09:04 AM
    I am familiar with early intervention, IFSPs, and therapist approaches.  I do my best to elicit feedback from the therapist on how I can assist the child's development in my program.

    Sherrie Rose Mayle
    Campbell Parents' Participation Preschool
    Campbell, CA

  • 3.  RE: Learning About Early Intervention

    Posted 01-30-2019 10:20 AM

    Early intervention can include multiple services, of course, depending on the individual needs of the child.  For training staff, it would be good to include excerpts from different IFSPs, match them with characteristics of the children, and explain the importance of each recommendation.  For instance, many children have needs in speech and language development.  The speech-language pathologist should explain his/her recommendations to the family and caregivers.  The caregivers should not just be given the IFSP without full explanations and the opportunity to ask questions for clarification.  Without expertise, families and caregivers can be confused while reading these documents.  Don't be afraid to ask each specialist all the questions you need for clarification.  And if you are working with the child and still need more guidance, contact them again.  In fact, most specialists/therapists will be more than happy to give you information you can use for your staff training.  You're all in this together for the child, and you all want to do everything you can for the child's successful development.

    Tara Tuck, CAGS, CCC-SLP     Author - The Joy of Language: The Guide to Language and Learning for Parents and Caregivers

    Tara Tuck
    The Joy of Language
    Marco Island FL