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  • 1.  Apps

    Posted 08-31-2019 03:04 PM
    I am loading my student iPads with new updated apps! Please send your recommendations for 4-5 years. I have the apps from First 8 Studios already on my list to load.

    Michelle Gray
    Wilmington, NC

  • 2.  RE: Apps

    Posted 09-04-2019 01:46 AM
    Are you looking for suggestions for free apps only? Chatterpix Kids and Draw and Tell are free and can be used in a variety of ways to support learning goals. That app developer was also involved with creating the Kahn Academy Kids app (the library screen in that app shows a range of learning activities as well as some short non-fiction ebooks, etc.) Seesaw is a free app/platform to support documenting student work and sharing with families which also includes drawing and audio recording tools so children can share thoughts about their block towers/other work and discoveries.  For some of these, would need Internet access to use them. Are there specific goals in mind, related to the apps you would like to offer? Sometimes, helping teachers become really aware of some of the features/apps on the iPad and how they can use them with children (pinch and zoom to magnify, children as digital photographers, etc) can be valuable as well.

    Bonnie Blagojevic
    Morningtown Consulting
    Orono ME