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CV19 Preschool Closures/ Teaching Our Young Active Learners

  • 1.  CV19 Preschool Closures/ Teaching Our Young Active Learners

    Posted 25 days ago
    Our Preschool in Jersey City New Jersey closed Friday as announcements reached our school that closing for one to two weeks was demanded for our health and safety of all within our school community. I teach three to four year olds who are active learners who are taught with hands-on tasks to help them build their sense of the world around them. With that said I pre- planned activities that would continue their growth cognitively and enhance further their sense of curiosity. I made packets of that were sent home and posted limited iPad tasks that will continue the process of learning. I also will post myself reading books and video tapings that I will ask questions based on the stories read while they are home. I have also made a list of things the children will do everyday for half a day walking and taking nature walks then drawing three things they saw during their nature walks with their parents, babysitters, and or the person taking care of them while parents work from home. These are hard times for all of us as we deal with the unknown of events.
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  • 2.  RE: CV19 Preschool Closures/ Teaching Our Young Active Learners

    Posted 24 days ago
    My preschool in Atlanta is closed for at least the next few weeks.  The teachers are doing what you are doing.  We also are focusing on maintaining the strong "attachments" we are known for.  One of my teachers plans to video leprechaun antics around her home featuring her own children who are also out of school.  One of the teachers is going to video herself cooking a traditional Costa Rican meal while speaking a little in Spanish.  Another will video yoga positions which she does with her kids each week.  I challenged the teachers to be creative.  Maybe this darned virus will help us develop new teaching strategies that we can continue during "normal" times!!!

    Joleen Neel
    Northside Dr. Baptist Preschool
    Atlanta GA