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Teacher Turnover in 4's and 5's Class

  • 1.  Teacher Turnover in 4's and 5's Class

    Posted 11 days ago

    I am wondering about how to support preschool children with teacher turnover in this difficult time. What ideas do you have for supporting the children and families through these transitions? We have read books, framed changes as opportunities for growth, and of course written letters and created art for the teachers we miss. I know these relationships and connections are precious.

    With Appreciation,

  • 2.  RE: Teacher Turnover in 4's and 5's Class

    Posted 10 days ago
    Hello Sarah,

    My first thought was that the children might be experiencing some grief.  It sounds like you are doing some wonderful things already! The thing with grief is that it comes in waves and healing takes time! Keep providing these opportunities to process and emotionally express.  Books about feelings and separation are a great place to start.  If you would like book recommendations, message me, I am happy to share.  Letters and art are very powerful, keep providing these opportunities as well.  Again, if you would like some ideas, I'm happy to brainstorm with you.  Another thought would be to think about your environment.  Have the children think of things their previous teachers liked and incorporate them into the room.  For example, one teacher likes sunflowers, get some play sunflowers to put somewhere.  One teacher liked the color red, place the color red intentionally throughout the classroom.  Allow for storytelling! Use circle time or an activity as a way to allow the children to share their favorite memories or stories about the teachers.  I would also suggest keeping the routines and rituals those teachers used for the classroom the same during this time of transition.

    Cassandra Weisz
    Family Life Educator, Certified Child Life Specialist
    Sanford CHILD Services
    Redfield SD