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Napping Preschool Children during Covid

  • 1.  Napping Preschool Children during Covid

    Posted 08-01-2020 05:16 AM
    Knowing that our children in preschool, ( 3's turning 4), cannot wear masks during nap, what is everyone doing about the air in the classroom? We were on a health and safety Zoom meeting recently and the infectious disease doctor suggested that, along with being 6 feet apart, some kind of barrier needs to be around the children. What is this and how do we provide nap safely for everyone involved? Looking for suggestions. Thanks

    Patty Kilyanek
    Preschool Teacher

    Kingston PA

  • 2.  RE: Napping Preschool Children during Covid

    Posted 08-02-2020 12:33 AM
    Science fair tri-fold boards were suggested. Would be hard for me personally to monitor each child. Would have to walk around more checking on them.

    Chrissy Peuterbaugh
    Certified Teacher
    Private Preschool
    Alton IL

  • 3.  RE: Napping Preschool Children during Covid

    Posted 08-02-2020 07:37 AM
    1. Using a wide plastic mesh like for garden fences or baby gates decorated to look pleasant..maybe with some weaving..done by children makes a nice barrier...I actually have made these b4 covid19 as friendship weaving centers. Use strong velcro to support so they can be moved when not needed. 

    Judy Markell
    N Miami Beach FL

  • 4.  RE: Napping Preschool Children during Covid

    Posted 08-02-2020 10:56 AM
    The children should be 6 feet apart and in a head to toe postions. They say to open doors and windows for ventilation but I don't think that is safe for most centers. I also heard of programs adding some kind of UV air filration to the Vents. I don't know much on how it works and which systems it can work for.


    Jennifer Goldson
    Teacher Assistant
    Bronx NY

  • 5.  RE: Napping Preschool Children during Covid

    Posted 08-07-2020 11:24 AM
    Wow, those recommendations seem like a lot. Now I am in Canada, but our health officials have only asked for head-to-toe positioning and 2m (6 feet) apart.

    I think would l would look at clear shower curtains on a clothesline. This way supervision wouldn't be compromised. My staff are busy doing extra cleaning during nap, so anything that blocked their line of sight would be a big safety no-no here. Other things I have seen are PVC pipe fence-like structures with clear plastic, but these are lower that shower curtains.

    Chantalle Wakelin
    Operations Manager
    Summit Start
    Calgary AB