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  • 1.  Pillars of Peace

    Posted 08-03-2020 09:25 AM
    NAEYC's Teaching Young Children August/September 2020 issue had an wonderful article  by Margaret Clark and Haleigh Harper."Pillars for peacemaking in the Early Childhood Classroom". Both Clark and Harper recognize the importance of social and emotional development to success in school and (not said but implied) to being part of society throughout life. I am retired now after 40 + years in the classroom but I felt this was my priority and I felt academic skills will come. Clark and Harper see six skills for teachers needed as "Pillars of Peace: acknowledgement of children's peacemaking skills, make space for peace, modelling and labeling your own peacemaking skills, watch listen and learn, respect the whole child, celebrate positive stories and share books about peace. Thank you to these two authors and to NAEYC for printing their work We can all learn frrom this- not only in the classroom with children but in the wide world we live in.

    Craig Simpson
    Dorchester MA