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Degreed Teachers

  • 1.  Degreed Teachers

    Posted 30 days ago
    Hello! I am brand new to NAEYC and I am working towards our accreditation. My question is what percentage of degreed teachers, whether an associates degree or bachelor's degree, should a center have according to NAEYC? 

    Thank you!

  • 2.  RE: Degreed Teachers

    Posted 26 days ago
    Hello Amy!  NAEYC's Early Learning Program Accreditation evaluates program staff's formal education qualifications (teachers, assistant teachers, operational administrator, pedagical administrator) as part of Standard 6, "Staff Competencies, Preparation and Support".  Standard 6 has a total of 44 assessment items, with 4 items directly related to staff qualifications. I say this up front because we think it's important for programs to understand NAEYC's recommendations for teacher qualifications as part of the whole assessment of how programs maintain and support staff competencies.
     NAEYC recommends that each class in the program be led by a teacher with
    --a BA or AA degree in early childhood education or a related field (e.g., elementary ed, special ed); or
    --the equivalent of such a degree (e.g. a degree in another field but with ECE related college credits totaling those of an ECE degree); OR
    --a recognized state teaching credential relevant to the age of children taught (such as K-3 credential for a K teacher).

    We know this is difficult for many programs to achieve and maintain. However, you do not have to meet this single assessment item for teacher qualifications in order to become accredited. Our system does have 9 "required" items that must be met to become accredited, but this is not one of them. Programs must meet most assessment items in each of our 10 standards.

    I hope this is helpful!  Thank you for working on program quality improvement through NAEYC Early Learning Program accreditation.

    Susan Hedges
    Director, Quality Assessment and Assurance
    National Association for the Education of Young Children
    Rockville MD

  • 3.  RE: Degreed Teachers

    Posted 25 days ago
    Thank you for clarifying that, as I work for the YMCA and our grant from JWB has outlined that we be NAEYC accredited, however, the school has been unable to secure teachers with BA for $16 an hour. We have been opened for two tears and been grossly understaffed for most of that time, each organization seems to blame the other.

    Michelle Banks
    YMCA Preschool
    Kenneth City FL