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Grandparent Info

  • 1.  Grandparent Info

    Posted 11-12-2018 11:00 AM

    I have had a biting incident going on in my 2's classroom.  I have been conversing with the mother of the child who is being bit.  Then I got a call from one grandmother, then a call from the other grandmother who is out of state.  I did call them both back, but feel that I shouldn't have to be responding to grandparents, just the parent.  What would y'all do in that situation?  One of the grandparents does pay the tuition, if that makes any difference.  Both were very angry, threatening lawsuits, etc.  I got them calmed down, but it is taking a lot of time I don't have.


    Julie Bedard
    Wildwood FL

  • 2.  RE: Grandparent Info

    Posted 11-13-2018 11:48 AM
    I have only ever shared information with the enrolling parent(s) or guardian(s) on the enrollment form.  We have had this policy in all of the programs that I have worked in.  Several times we have had grandparents paying as well, but we cited confidentiality and will only discuss a child with their legal guardians.  I would explain general policies and procedures if others called, but never specific instances with a child.

    Jennifer W. Hardy
    Association Program Specialist
    San Diego, CA

  • 3.  RE: Grandparent Info

    Posted 11-14-2018 06:28 AM
    It takes a village to raise a child. In my opinion grandparents should be informed if they inquire about their grandchild. There are different layers of discussion. There is your generic reply and mentioning something positive. I don't advocate telling a grandparent you cannot discuss there grandchild because their name is not on the list.

    Heather Battle
    Teacher's Assistant
    JC Preschool/Headstart

  • 4.  RE: Grandparent Info

    Posted 11-14-2018 04:43 AM
    I would not respond to anyone other than parents or legal guardians which s/b on your enrollment form. I am unsure if confidentiality laws apply to child care programs but better to err on the side of caution. I am sorry that you have been put into this position.

    Karin King
    Education Consultant
    Trumbull CT

  • 5.  RE: Grandparent Info

    Posted 11-14-2018 12:38 PM
    Nothing elicits such a visceral response as when someone gets bitten!  I would inform that grandparents that due to privacy issues/forms that your families have signed, you are unable to discuss any situations that occur with their grandchild.  I always stress the security and safety of the children and families and sometimes use examples such as "you could be someone who is planning some type of harm to this family and even though your name is on the child's emergency pick up list, I can't be sure this is truly you and you are not under some type of duress"  Usually when you are stressing the safety of their grandchild they calm down and understand.  Good luck!

    Kim Peterson M.Ed.
    Program Director
    Explore and Learn Academy
    E Grand Rapid MI

  • 6.  RE: Grandparent Info

    Posted 11-18-2018 05:01 PM
    If I was in a situation like this I would consult with the parents and let them know that the child's grandparents are calling and asking questions.  I would remind the parents that I can only speak with them about the issue since they are the legal guardian, that way the parents can choose whether or not to inform the grandparents.  I would also refer the grandparents to my director if they kept trying to contact me so she can go over our policies with them and remind them how our program deals with issues like biting.

    Ashley Byers
    Flint MI