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Cruel Treatment of Children at Our Borders: Where is the Outrage?

  • 1.  Cruel Treatment of Children at Our Borders: Where is the Outrage?

    Posted 12 days ago
    Children are kept in plastic cages, they have no place to play or move amongst the matrices on the floor.

    Every child has a right to safety, protection and a future, regardless of who they are or where they're from.  Yet open boarders has placed many of these children in the harmful and unsafe Federal "shelters".

    Words are not enough.  We must act to make sure these children are safe, are united with family or placed in foster care.  There is no policy, no programs in place to handle the current volume.  Instead, children are living like sardines, in filthy conditions.  These children are living without proper food, medical care, and most importantly without human kindness.... at cost of $60 million per week.   Apparently a lot of money can be made housing immigrant children.

    Despite Americans UNITED CALL for IMMIGRATION REFORM - no president, no administration, no Congress has seriously taken action.  All that remains are soundbites.

    These children are not cattle.
    These children are not the next slave culture.

    Where is the Outrage?

    Mary Ann Biermeier, M.Ed.
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • 2.  RE: Cruel Treatment of Children at Our Borders: Where is the Outrage?

    Posted 11 days ago
    If this is what is happening, is there a lack of outrage because Americans don't know what is happening?   Are organizations dedicated to the health and well being of children investigating this situation and getting involved  in and/or advocating on their behalf?  Are those in power able to do something to address these matters?   If so, what are they doing or not doing?

    Christine Wigren
    Jamestown NY

  • 3.  RE: Cruel Treatment of Children at Our Borders: Where is the Outrage?

    Posted 10 days ago
    It's not IF this is what's happening. It IS. There are groups dedicated to funding and providing the children with lawyers and court fees in order to help get them out. There are groups working with foster agencies for those released so they have care until their families are found for them to be reunited. It's not enough. There are terrible stories coming out of these centers, but nothing major is being done. Biden mentioned that he would address the issue, but so far, many are still living in these awful prisons.

    Melinda Rossi
    Denver CO

  • 4.  RE: Cruel Treatment of Children at Our Borders: Where is the Outrage?

    Posted 9 days ago
    It is outrageous and it has continued for years, despite whatever administration promises are being made.  The outrage only comes when the media targets it for their own best interest and ratings.  Unfortunately, there are many other civil liberty and civil rights issues that are given higher priority by our government, media, culture and citizens.  It is also unfortunate that there are not enough foster homes and families to support the children in need, whether they are our current neglected and abused children already in the system or immigrants in these horrible border situations.  I do not know how to change public perception of the true crisis at hand and get people charged up for real change for our young ones, who are also our future leaders.

    Follow the money and see where the priority lies.  What is really happening with the 60 million per week.  Where are the audits?  Where is the transparency?

    Connie Richard
    Hartly Family Learning Ctr
    Hartly DE

  • 5.  RE: Cruel Treatment of Children at Our Borders: Where is the Outrage?

    Posted 21 hours ago
    I don't want to get too political; neither the Right nor the Left can claim a moral high-ground, if for no other reason than we'd not be able to agree on a definition of what it means...

    The news media has been one major source of disappointment. I think more investigative journalism is needed to tell the country about the children at our border. We need to see their faces, understand their stories, and have some semblance of a clue as to the future they'll meet with. What is becoming of these kids? What have they endured to get here? What is it like for them after crossing? If alone, what/who is taking them? It makes me angry to type this and not know. We're being kept in the dark and we desperately NEED to be part of this. When will NBC or ABC open the border up to US -- the American people?

    Once we're all allowed to SEE the SAME situation for what it is, and once we can SEE little faces instead of hearing the word "unaccompanied minors" (found alone...dropped over wall...rescued from smugglers), I think (hope) things will change, for the sake of these kids. As a county we need to prepare for them -- together. I don't say this as a signal that I condone or encourage illegal and dangerous border crossings, which I do not, but we know enough to know the damage has been done, something isn't right, and enough is enough. We need to know the TRUTH.

    Billings MT

  • 6.  RE: Cruel Treatment of Children at Our Borders: Where is the Outrage?

    Posted 11 hours ago
    Thank you for carefully crafting your response as kind and certainly thoughtful.  You are right in stating that caring for our children - all of our children - should never be a political statement.  At every turn we should call out Media and elitism when talking points suggest what is happening at our borders - for decades now - is somehow political.

    Nothing happens now, no policies are established, without the elite financially prospering.  It is the old adage, just follow the money and you will find the truth.

    Words are not enough, words will not save these children.  The shame is breathtaking.

    115 - 118 degrees this week in the Sonoran Desert.   The Border Patrol reports that infants arrive in backpacks, many will no survive.

    Mary Ann Biermeier, M.Ed.
    Phoenix, Arizona