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  • 1.  How do you manage small reading groups effectively?

    Posted 05-12-2017 02:53 PM
    Small group reading instruction had become such an integral part of the kindergarten classroom, but often the hardest to plan and manage. What do you find to be the most effective way to manage small reading groups?

    Cody Summerville
    Austin, TX

  • 2.  RE: How do you manage small reading groups effectively?

    Posted 05-15-2017 04:37 PM
    I have my kids working in learning centers. I love Debbie DIller's Literacy Work Stations: Making Center Work for center ideas and management tips. Some years it has been literacy centers, other years: Daily 5 centers, some years contracted Developmental Centers, and some years all of the above. I have visual procedures for each center so kids know what to do independently so I can focus on my small group. I am very organized and have systems in place for student interruptions, student helper jobs like the "Each One, Teach One" Helper and the Classroom Coach (students support peer's questions after receiving teacher "training"), appointment calendars (kids that need help write their name on my appointment calendar and I check in with these kids to support them between my Reading Groups), facilitation of instruction between each reading group, and more. If there is any chaos or confusion I reteach my expectations and procedures. Busy, content students allow me to focus on teaching my reading groups which I keep informative, interactive and as short as possible.

    Kim Hughes
    Conscious Connections LLC
    Wake Forest, NC