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Staff Meetings

  • 1.  Staff Meetings

    Posted 09-09-2019 07:12 AM

    As a new director to my current center, I moved to hold monthly staff meetings which increased by an hour. Meaning we host a staff meeting every month for two hours. My new staff are quite upset with this new layout.

    Technically they do not need the professional development time, but they do need to discuss practices and procedures. I am looking for feedback as to what other programs are following for a staff meeting schedule.

    I know NAEYC standards use to require 24 hours of PD per year, but that has since changed. Am I missing any requirements surrounding this or staff meeting in general (with the exception of the topics we must offer access to...)

    Thanks in advance!

    Elizabeth Costa
    New Durham NH

  • 2.  RE: Staff Meetings

    Posted 09-10-2019 07:00 AM
    Dear Elizabeth,
    i do the same at my school (NY state). I schedule monthly meetings well in advance so everyone can put them on their calendar. I take off two months (usually December and May) because the calendar is so full with other events.  If my teachers are hourly, I make sure they get paid for the meetings. If they are salary, I give them some flex time to so they can manage the longer day with evening meeting.  I always provide good food (soup, salad, quiche, etc) and I also have an agenda published in advance. I invite specialist to join as guest often or we all have a book or article we are reading together. The meetings have become more like  study groups or communities of learning. We have developed rituals of writing together and protocol for sharing children's work. We really use these meetings for deep thinking and renewal  and always they are somehow connected to our values and vision. I save all the business type meetings for memos and individual talks or team lunch meetings.  I believe finding time to reflect and connect and evolve as teachers in a community that cares for young children is one of the hardest things to do and the most important too. My teachers have come to look forward to these meetings and we have grown a large community of like minded artists and teachers by having guests join us. It hasn't been easy and it has taken me years to grow a budget and an attitude to accept this practice.  Please feel free to email if you need support or want to talk about this some more! Carol

    Carol Murray
    Bard Nursery School
    Red Hook NY

  • 3.  RE: Staff Meetings

    Posted 09-10-2019 10:55 AM
    Hi Elizabeth,
    We also have monthly staff meetings though ours last just one hour.  All staff (including substitutes) are paid for their time to attend these meetings.  These meetings are an opportunity to connect, collaborate, and discuss any new developments that will be coming in the next month.  They are not intended for professional development hours and we have a separate budget to pay for PD opportunities (registration for conferences, etc.) that arise for our staff members.  In fact, in California, teachers cannot count paid meetings toward their professional development hours for permitting purposes.  I don't know how that works in other states.
    All the Best,
    Sherrie Rose

    Sherrie Rose Mayle
    Campbell Parents' Participation Preschool
    Campbell, CA