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Pacifier Policy/Statement?

  • 1.  Pacifier Policy/Statement?

    Posted 05-16-2021 03:01 PM
    Former Safe Sleep policies used to permit infants to fall asleep with a pacifier, yet it was to be removed from the infant's mouth once asleep. Now, there is evidence that pacifiers can reduce the risk of SIDS, and Caring for Our Children suggest that programs allowing pacifiers in their programs should write a pacifier statement for the family handbook. Would be very interested in learning how fellow infant programs are following these updates. Thanks!

    Marie Marks
    Early Childhood Coordinator
    Children's Village
    Philadelphia PA

  • 2.  RE: Pacifier Policy/Statement?

    Posted 05-17-2021 07:16 AM
    Hello Marie,

    I suggest you contact the Early Childhood Education LinkageSystem (ECELS) in PA for guidance. I had the opportunity to work with them when I worked at the PA Department of Education and found they offered quality health resources and support to ECE Providers in the state.

    Robert Gundling, Ed.D.
    Better Futures LLC
    Senior Consultant
    Washington, DC