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  • 1.  Rating Scales vs. DAP

    Posted 01-30-2020 10:00 AM

    When does the Environmental Rating Scales outweigh Developmentally Appropriate Practice? I have used the rating scales since the 80's as guide to inform my practice. However, since this important tool has transformed into a "high stakes" assessment, I wonder if the intent has been lost. Has it become an institutionalized format for funding? When the paradox arises that what we do is based on the needs of children or the rating scale, what does a teacher do? What does leadership do? The response is "we do it for funding" not what is best for children. There is a new draft for Developmentally Appropriate Practice, will it guide our practice or become a paradox to what we are "made" to do?

    Steven Erwin
    Chico CA