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Meaningful Circle Time Practices in Preschool Classrooms

  • 1.  Meaningful Circle Time Practices in Preschool Classrooms

    Posted 10-17-2019 11:59 AM
    I would love to hear from academics/researchers who have studied the variety of practices that take place during preschool circle times.  I often see the "traditional" welcome song, calendar, weather watcher, etc and am wondering if there has been any research done that shows which practices (either those just mentioned or others) have been found to correlate with positive outcomes for children (vs practices that teachers may tend to do.....but they really offer little in the way of fostering a sense of community or thinking/learning opportunities).

    In addition, any research done on how multiple adults interact at circle time would also be welcome.  In many classrooms, it appears that one person leads/facilitates the circle time while the other adult sits very passively within the group but does not really contribute.  What are the benefits to this format?  What are the drawbacks to this format?

    Feel free to reply to me off-line at or through the open response.  Thank you!!!

    Kristen Kennen
    Early Childhood Education Specialist
    Danbury, CT