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  • 1.  The future of work: Three steps toward an inclusive workplace

    Posted 09-27-2021 09:52 PM
    "the COVID-19 crisis risks wiping out years of advances in supporting a diverse workforce. Our research has shown that the pandemic has disproportionately affected women and people of color, who tend to be concentrated in sectors severely impacted by the crisis. Additionally, an organization's talent practices could be hindering-rather than helping-its efforts."

    Jorge Saenz De Viteri
    Pomona NY

  • 2.  RE: The future of work: Three steps toward an inclusive workplace

    Posted 09-29-2021 12:25 AM
    Thanks Jorge, 

    It would be instructive to get data in early childhood. I wonder if the same exists. It certainly seems difficult to recruit and retain staff and it would be useful to see how that has affected diversity. Our organization has had to resort to referral and sign on bonuses. Even the nyc dept of education has shortages of teachers. Early childhood programs here usually have a tougher time to hire and retain by comparison due to historically lower salaries and benefits.  Thanks again Jorge 

  • 3.  RE: The future of work: Three steps toward an inclusive workplace

    Posted 09-30-2021 06:18 AM
    Our organization has ALWAYS been inclusive (I have been there for 27 years) and we put a voice to that 4 years ago. We began introducing ourselves with our pronouns during our interview stage. I think this sends a message that we are not only inclusive of the LGBTQ+ quietly but also from the beginning we are being verbal about it. We also have always encouraged  staff to put the pictures of their families up on their family and friends board (this includes all people no matter what!). We have our grants team included with different languages and different cultural prospective. Nobody is perfect but we try to do the best that we can so all the people who work with us know they are part of our school family. I am currently reading the anti-bias classroom. We have variety of universal and inclusive books for the classrooms as well. The majority of our staff have the ESL endorsements and many have their SPED endorsements too. Do you have any other ideas for us to include all people?

    DeLynn Zielinski
    Instructional Leader Coach
    Arlington Hts IL