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Massachusetts Public School Lottery

  • 1.  Massachusetts Public School Lottery

    Posted 01-31-2021 09:50 PM
    Hello. I'm hoping to get a bit of insight as to how the school system lottery works for families moving to MA. We are not moving until June and therefore will not have a residence established. How is a school (location? district?) decided for families moving to the greater Boston area after the usual registration period?

    The child is in Pre-K in CT (and would attend K in the fall) but due to the different age requirement in MA will repeat prek. So specificly I'm curious how prek school location is determined or/if different from kindergarten and primary grades.

    Thank you in advance for any insights. It is not the broker's area of expertise. ;)

    Nadine Alexander
    West Haven CT

  • 2.  RE: Massachusetts Public School Lottery

    Posted 30 days ago
    This is determined by the specific town or city you live in.  Each has their own public school department and each has their own rules.  Some are neighborhood based--you go to the school that is in your neighborhood.  Some have school choice, which might look different from town to town.  For example, in Cambridge parents pick several schools and are then assigned one, usually, but not always, from your preferred list. That's for Junior Kindergarten and up. Now is school enrollment time.  If you know where you'll be moving to it would be good to contact the school department now.

    Every town and city also has different age-eligibility for Kindergarten. So your son might be eligible for K or JK, depending on the school system.  As for Pre-K, it's much the same.  Each town is different.  Many have a mixed delivery system of private non-profit, for profit, and public classrooms and centers.  There is no uniformity.  Of course, if you choose to use a private center, you can live in a different town than the center is in.

    You'll need to do more research about your specific town or city and go from there. There might be neighborhood or area parent/mom's groups and list serves you can join, which might be helpful.  Good luck--I know it can feel daunting--and have a good move.

    Aren Stone
    Child Development Specialist
    The Early Years Project
    Cambridge, MA