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When we remove or edit posts

  • 1.  When we remove or edit posts

    Posted 28 days ago

    Like all discussion spaces on the web, HELLO relies on a code of conduct to guide members' interactions with one another.  This is something that users agree to when they first log into Hello. This code ensures that the discussions remain free of commercial messages; that partisan political messages do not interfere with NAEYC's tax exempt status, bipartisan outlook, or diverse membership; and that controversial topics in the field are discussed with civility.

    NAEYC staff monitor the discussion board and on occasion we ask someone to edit a post. Since the majority of those who post have never had a post edited or rejected, we'd like to be transparent about our process for when we do. We remove posts that do not align to the code of conduct, such as those posts that use candidate campaign slogans, engage in personal attacks, or promote products or services. Even if the products and services are of high quality, we limit these posts so that Hello will remain a well-used discussion space for early childhood educators. 

    For a period of time with the significant impact of COVID-19 we loosened these rules, allowing posts to services which provided information about COVID-19 in a frightening and new situation. In response to feedback from our members, Hello is now moving back to  more closely following the Code of Conduct.

    We only remove posts after careful review and our process involves consideration by at least two staff members.  When we remove or edit a post we let the poster know and we always encourage them to post again on the topic in a manner that aligns with the code of conduct.

    The most common form of edit has to do with a post that links to content on another website. The code of conduct prohibits posts to commercial sites. This includes linking to Amazon or other book retailers or to sites that promote products or services you or others sell.  While we allow links to free, helpful resources (such as blogs) we want to make sure that the link provided is relevant to the discussion at hand and offers some narrative about the content of the link that is useful in and of itself to the Hello community.  In other words, if you want to link to a free resource on a site that also sells things, it will be important to share in your post why that resource is relevant to the discussion.

    The code of conduct is intended to foster respectful, non-commercial discussion on a wide range of early childhood topics among a diverse group of NAEYC members. In most the recent six weeks of this year the number of new discussion topics and replies to discussions is up 76% over last year. This demonstrates that for many early childhood educators, Hello is an essential resource for the early childhood community during this unprecedented time of challenge. Thanks so much for contributing by posting a question, responding, reading, and in doing so, supporting your colleagues.

    Michael Coventry
    National Association for the Education of Young Children
    Washington DC

  • 2.  RE: When we remove or edit posts

    Posted 26 days ago
    Thank you!

    Robin Temple
    Executive Director niaaeyc
    Fairbanks, AK