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Himama Software

  • 1.  Himama Software

    Posted 01-11-2021 09:44 AM
    Happy New Year All!,

    First of all, we got snow yesterday!  In central Texas, this was amazing!

    Here's my question.  Does any other university campus use Himama to process electronic payments?  We are trying to expand our use and our treasury dept is having some difficulty with the contract.  If you are using Himama to process bank payments only, please contact me privately.

    Thanks all!

    Di Fontenot
    Texas State Child Development Center
    San Marcos TX

  • 2.  RE: Himama Software

    Posted 01-12-2021 07:19 PM
    Hello!  We do not use the billing and payment module of HiMama, but we use the parent communication and documentation elements, and love them. What I wanted to share, however, is that I have to remind myself each year at renewal time that I need to call the bank to authorize the payment because the billing from a Canadian company may trigger a flag. That may be something that could gum up the works on your end, so keep that in mind as you are troubleshooting.

    Holly Dalferes
    George Cottage at St Martin's Episcopal School
    Metairie LA