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under the influence

  • 1.  under the influence

    Posted 01-11-2021 05:16 PM
    ​​Good Afternoon
    Does anyone have a policy regarding parents who are under the influence of street drugs? We hear the gossip about parents and guardians in our small community. The problem is when they bring or pick up children there are no clear indications as there are with alcohol. And we can't ask.

    Theresa Rowe
    Gardnerville NV

  • 2.  RE: under the influence

    Posted 01-12-2021 10:37 AM
    Hi Theresa

    We only have  a policy regarding pick up, that if someone is clearly under the influence, we will offer for someone else to pick up the child.

    I am in Canada and I legally have a duty to report these things to our CPS, so I think if there is evidence outside the home tat I found out in the community I would still report that.


    Chantalle Wakelin
    Operations Manager
    Summit Start
    Calgary AB

  • 3.  RE: under the influence

    Posted 01-13-2021 05:48 AM
    It depends on why you are asking. Are you concerned for a child's well-being? Or are you concerned that the parent is under the influence when picking up or dropping off?

    Amy Musick
    Assistant Director
    SMART Family Literacy
    Texas City TX

  • 4.  RE: under the influence

    Posted 01-13-2021 03:05 PM
    We do.
    We will not release the child if the person is driving and we believe they are under the influence. If they are taking a bus or walking and we do not have immediate concerns about a child's safety, we release the child. If we have concerns about their capacity to care for their child's basic needs, then I will contact CPS. In my area, CPS allows for information-only reports, where someone can report a general concern rather than acute abuse. If several information-only calls come in or if the person has a history of abuse, they will reach out.
    Almost always, I will also tell the parent I have these concerns and ask if they would like resources.
    If you'd like a copy of our policy or want to contact me directly, please feel free to email me or reply privately.
    Casey Lalonde
    The Evergreen State College
    Olympia WA

  • 5.  RE: under the influence

    Posted 01-15-2021 05:49 PM
    My center is not open yet but we are located in a high-risk neighborhood.  I have worked in the area previously in other programs and the following is how we handled a parent/other adult whom we suspected to be under the influence:

    If you suspect the adult picking up a child is under the influence and is driving, get the car description, license plate number and call 911 immediately.  If the adult is walking, get a clear description of what the adult and child are wearing and call 911.  Ask for the officer to call you after your report is checked out.  You also need to call DHS and file a report.

    If you have a "close" personal relationship with the adult picking up the child, you could privately state your concern to him/her and ask if there is anyone else that can come to pick up both the child and the adult.  Remind the adult you care about them and their child and their safety is important to you.

    Reporting a parent is never easy but you must be an advocate for the child's safety and wellbeing!  I hope this helps.

    Jane Simoson
    President/Executive Director/Teacher
    Sonshine Early Childhood Academy Inc.
    Cedar Rapids IA