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    RE: School Library

    Thanks for all of the suggestions! Very helpful. ------------------------------ Hilary Laing Teacher Orono Discovery Center Orono MN ------------------------------ More

  • Hi Lauren, Glad you found the ECSIF group's resources to be helpful!   Some resources I use with EC educators at all levels: The appendices of the NGSS:  The NSTA journal  Science and Children ... More

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    gym games

    I am a new teacher for a Head start program and am asking for some gym games to play with my children that will build sharing, and taking turns in my classroom.  Any Suggestions would be appreciated. Jennifer Brownell, SCAP (Schenectady Community Action ... More

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    RE: My son

    Hi Keisha,  I am a principal in an elementary school and see this type of situation happen often. Please call a meeting with the teacher, child study team and principal. Ask very specific questions about what your son is telling you and don't leave the ... More

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    RE: School Library

    I am definitely going to look into the library app suggested! I have over 700 books of my own and I am constantly buying duplicates because I forget what I have.   Thanks,  Jamie Jenkins ------------------------------ Jamie Jenkins Winslow IN ----- ... More


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