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  • Call for 2020 NAEYC Annual Conference session proposals

    Hello to all the members of the NAEYC Early Childhood Science Interest Forum (ECSIF)!
    You are among the 1,600 NAEYC members who have joined the ECSIF to collaborate on learning from each other and support quality science education in early childhood. Your contributions to the ECSIF are important.

    The ECSIF has two session slots at the NAEYC Annual Conferences—would you like to put in a proposal to represent the ECSIF and share your experience, research, or content expertise at the 2020 NAEYC Annual Conference (November 4-7, 2020) in Anaheim, CA? Proposals can include up to 4 presenters.

    The interest forum submission and selection process is separate from the blind review done through the regular NAEYC proposal submission process. The interest forum process will be completed in time to allow you to submit your proposal through the regular NAEYC process before that deadline of February 12, 2020.

    All proposals to represent the ECSIF must be sent to naeyc.ecsif@gmail.com by Tuesday, February 4, 2020 by midnight Pacific Standard Time, to be reviewed by the ECSIF leadership who will select two proposals to submit to the NAEYC interest forum conference committee. This date is earlier than the date to submit to the regular NAEYC conference proposal portal so that any proposals not selected to represent the ECSIF can still be submitted by their authors in the regular NAEYC conference proposal portal by the Wednesday, February 12 due date.

    Notification of acceptance of proposals to represent the ECSIF will be made on Monday, February 10, 2020 by 5pm Pacific Standard Time.

    To submit a session proposal to represent the ECSIF, respond to the following questions (the same ones required for all NAEYC Annual proposals). Submit the proposal in a Word document attached to your email.

    This information that must be included:
    • Are you a member of the NAEYC ECSIF?
      • You must be a member to represent the ECSIF at a conference. 
    • Session Topic:
    • Session Purpose, including:
      • What primary message(s) about EC science teaching and learning will the session communicate and why is that important?
      • What is there for participants to do and think about?
    • Session length
      • 1.5 hours (scheduled on Thursday-Saturday)
      • Or 3 hours (scheduled on Wednesday).
    • Targeted Audience
    • Appropriate Age Level:
    • Title:
    • Summary of Content:
      • 3000 total characters including spaces and punctuation. 
    • Learning Outcomes of Presentation
      • List and describe the learning outcomes for the session (maximum of 3), 4000 total characters including spaces and punctuation.
    • Opportunities for Linkage and Application:
      • 4000 total characters including spaces and punctuation.
    • How does your proposal represent the goals of the ECSIF?
      • (See goals on the ECSIF page in Hello.)  2000 total characters including spaces and punctuation.
    • Room setup
      • Note: Audiovisual equipment: NAEYC will provide a standard audiovisual equipment setup which includes a screen, an LCD projector, and stand. One table microphone and one podium mic will also be provided per session. Please note any additional equipment you may require, it will be at an additional cost that you will be responsible for.

    For each of the presenters, list:
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Phone
    • NAEYC member Yes/No and membership #
    • Did you participate in NAEYC’s 2019 Annual Conference?
    • How many years have you worked in early childhood education?
    • What is the appropriate size room for your presentation?
    • Bio that emphasizes the presenters’ qualifications for presenting on the proposed topic.
      • Limited to 8000 total characters, including spaces and punctuation.
    Remember, you can submit your proposals directly to NAEYC by February 1 instead at: https://www.naeyc.org/events/annual/2019/present

    Please note:
    • If your proposal is selected to represent the ECSIF, it will be reviewed by NAEYC staff and other interest forum facilitators and you may be required to provide additional information.
    • Proposals accepted by the ECSIF will have an ECSIF facilitator who will provide advice and support as well as review the slides and content during the session development.

    We hope many of you will also submit proposals directly to NAEYC to create a science and engineering rich conference experience!

    Looking forward to working together,
    ECSIF leadership
    Community managers
  • ECSIF Virtual meeting, Thursday Jan. 30th

    The ECSIF is inviting you to join a Zoom meeting to  discuss science and engineering practices through the lens of white supremacy culture.  
    Please take a moment to read the linked articles above, and then join us on Jan. 30th (Zoom invite to follow in a few days) as we move towards greater equity in Early Childhood Science.  
    We hope to see you there!


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Welcome to the Early Childhood Science Interest Forum of NAEYC!
The NAEYC Early Childhood Science Interest Forum intends to connect early childhood educators—those who are new to science and those who are passionate about teaching it—for the purpose of creating a national dialogue around issues related to science teaching and learning.
The forum’s overall goals are to:
• build understanding of the nature of quality science teaching and learning;
• promote public understanding of the importance of inquiry-based science curriculum and appropriate content and an awareness of what all young children are capable of doing and learning;
• provide opportunities for the exchange of effective strategies and quality materials for teaching science;
• identify and provide resources to AEYC Affiliates when they want to plan science-related professional development opportunities or other science-related events;
• support efforts to expand professional development opportunities for teachers and administrators; and
• establish and maintain a collaborative relationship with other professional organizations with similar goals, such as the National Science Teachers Association, the Council for Elementary Science Education, and the Association of Constructivist Teaching.
Join us! The NAEYC Early Childhood Science Interest Forum (ECSIF) provides an opportunity for early childhood educators to network with others about teaching science, explore what is appropriate content, discuss what young children are capable of doing and learning, exchange effective strategies and materials, and learn about resources for boosting inquiry‐based science in early childhood.
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