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1.  Oxivir

Posted 10 days ago
Hey Everyone

Anyone use Oxivir in their preschool environment? We are looking to switch from harsh chemicals and need something with short dwell time. We run several 3 hour preschools so we need something that will cover cleaning from food, overall wipe down of surfaces etc.

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Shayla Williams-Barnes
Elk Grove CA

2.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 9 days ago
hi Shayla,
One of the placed I worked for used Pamolive. I'm not sure if that helps, but that's just one suggedtion.

Rachel Handley
Teacher Assistant
Evanston IL

3.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 8 days ago
I use a Melaluca brand disinfectant called Sol-U-Guard Botanical disinfectant.  Killss 99% of bacteria and viruses on hard surfaces.  Natural.


4.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 7 days ago
I haven't heard of Oxivar but I'll have to research it. We use Purelle Sanitizer. The big selling factor for me was the 1 minute dwell time!

Christine Giguere
Lexington Playcare Center
Lexington MA

5.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 6 days ago
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I've attached "Disinfectants Approved for Use in Child Care Facilities" from the Colorado Department of Public Health.  I know that many program locally use Oxivir.

Laurene Phillips
Boulder CO

6.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 4 days ago

We use Odoban.  It has a variety of uses, and we use it to clean our entire center.  It can be purchase at Home Depot as well as online and has many different scents.  I was shocked at how many uses it had.  We have loved it and are now nearly bleach free.


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7.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 6 days ago
We have used oxivir for almost 10 years now.  It is completely safe with children.  It is now approved as a replacement to chlorine bleach (which is still accepted in Mississippi)

oxivir is is hydrogen peroxide.  Safe around children and pets.  We will never change.

K Colleen Smith
Executive Director
Crossgates Methodist Children's Center
Brandon MS

8.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 2 days ago
​We use Oxivir for our Child Development Programs here I Modest.  It is safe and so much easier. You do not have to mix any of the solutions. Ready to use.

Sinde Fredeking
Modesto CA

9.  RE: Oxivir

Posted 2 days ago
To get additional information about any product you can search for the product name and "Material Safety Data Sheet."
For example: Oxivir material safety data sheet

Peggy Ashbrook
Early childhood science teacher
Alexandria, VA
NSTA The Early Years columnist, Science and Children
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Author: Science Learning in the Early Years, and
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