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1.  Immunizations

Posted 07-12-2017 08:30 AM
Do you require students to be immunized? If yes, what are the basic immunizations they should have before enrollment? My preschool accepts children from 6 months to 5 years old.  We are not located in the USA so I am not aware of what the policies are regarding this.  We are in the Philippines and there are no definite guidelines yet about immunizations.  May I know your thoughts on this?

Gabby Roa - Limjoco
Center Directress
Playworks Early Childhood Centers

2.  RE: Immunizations

Posted 07-13-2017 08:20 AM
Most staes have specifics guidelines to follow.  Here is a link to the CDC that may provide you with one helpful information.

Pam Evans
Charlottesville VA

3.  RE: Immunizations

Posted 07-15-2017 06:58 PM
It is mandated by our State to have young children immunized prior to
attending school, but there are some families that are not in favor of
immunization given to their children. I believe it is important but it is
also a choice. Young children that are not immunized are at risk of
contacting illnesses. This site maybe of help to you,

4.  RE: Immunizations

Posted 07-18-2017 03:03 AM
​Our State also requires children to be immunized though there are two exemptions, one being medical where the doctor signs a statement with the reason why a child may not be fully immunized or why their immunizations do not follow the recommended schedule, the second is a religious exemption.  This is a simple letter signed by the pastor, priest, teacher, whomever, that states that the child is not immunized because it is against their religious beliefs.
It is our preschool policy to abide by the State Law, informing parents that we may have children who are not fully or not at all immunized.  It is then the choice of the families to decide if they want to send their child to a school with a child who is not immunized.

Karen Harmer