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1.  Texas shootings

Posted 14 days ago
The recent shooting in a Texas church where children were targeted brings to our hearts the terrible toll of guns in our land.
 We must care!  I join others here in urging NAEYC to speak out for children of all ages who are threatened by the 270,000 guns in this country.  They are everywhere and we must act to change the culture which accepts this danger in our midst.

Our job is to keep children safe in our classrooms and in the world around those classrooms.  Please take up.the cry for change in our communities and in our governmental decision making bodies.  Speak up and be heard.

Lucy Stroock
Cambridge MA

2.  RE: Texas shootings

Posted 10 days ago
Hi Lucy,

NAEYC has released a statement in the form of a blog post here. Please let me, or NAEYC staff know if you have any questions.


Gilmar Rosas
Community Manager

3.  RE: Texas shootings

Posted 9 days ago
NAEYC Executive Director Rhian Evans Allvin recently participated in a 10-minute discussion on BAM Radio Network that I think would also be of interest to members wondering what to do when children are traumatized by what they hear on the news. You can access it by clicking here.

Rae Pica
Rae Pica Keynotes & Consulting
Alexandria VA