• Spring 2019 PPP Connections POSTED!!

    We want to invite you to our Spring  2019 Edition of PPP Connections
            Part two Theme:  Play Diplomacy.
    The Play, Policy, & Practice Connections is published twice a year - Fall and Spring
          NAEYC Play, Policy, and Practice Interest Forum

    Spring  2019 PPP Connections POSTED!
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        Co-Managing Editors:
       Lynn-Hartle, Ph.D., The Pennsylvania State University at Brandywine
       Karen Lindeman, Ph.D., Edinboro University, PA

    Thank you to our guest editors for their fantastic work and expertise.
       Dr. Smita Mathur, President, The Association for the Study of Play ( & Associate Professor Elementary & Reading, College of Education  James Madison University
       With  Dr. Maryam Sharifian, Assistant Professor Early Elementary & Reading College of Education James Madison University

       [Guest Editors]  coined the word Play Diplomacy to label the process that entails offering playful responses to divisive rhetoric and violent interactions. We offered the following definition of Play Diplomacy:  Play Diplomacy is the process of harnessing the innate, joyful, player-driven, and character-building potential of play to build harmonious relationships between communities.