• NAEYC Launches New Membership Categories

    NAEYC is excited to launch our brand-new membership structure with more options and benefits than ever before.All NAEYC members have automatically been upgraded to their new and improved member level at no additional cost.

    Students and Regular members--Welcome to your NEW Standard membership! Your membership now includes:

    -One free online professional learning course

    -One FREE NAEYC book

    -Access to BIG savings with the SaversGuide® by Entertainment®

    -plus ALL of the benefits you know and love like discounts in the online store, insurance access, a print subscription to YC or TYC, and more!

    Comprehensive members--Welcome to NAEYC Premium Membership!

    -Two free online professional learning courses

    -Subscriptions to BOTH YC and TYC

    -Access to VIP-exclusive events 

    -Plus ALL of the benefits you know and love including five NAEYC books per year and ALL benefits at the Entry and Standard levels.

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